• Revel F226Be Review by

    Revel F226Be Review by

    "The F226Be was a pleasant surprise, with its razor-sharp imaging and balanced sound reproduction. I was expecting solid performance in these areas, but these speakers went well beyond that."

    Author: Brian Kahn   3/1/20

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    Revel F206 Review

    Revel F206 is well-balanced speakers playing with a fine balance while both life and dynamism. Here are no excesses or spectacular trends, but it does not reproduction boring. On the contrary, the playing style modern and engaging.

    Author: Sven Bilen   4/8/15

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    Revel M106 Review

    The first product I reviewed for the SoundStage! Network was a pair of Revel loudspeakers, back in 2006. The F12 was a member of Revel’s first line of entry-level speakers, the Concertas, then newly introduced. (A successor line, Concerta2, was launched at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.) I liked the Concerta F12, but at the time I’m not sure I appreciated just how good it was, especially for the price: $1198 USD per pair.

    Author: Philip Beaudette   3/31/15

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