Product Series

  • Ultima2

    World-class engineering and an unmatched design team worked in tandem to create a state-of-the-art music and cinema loudspeaker series that has the ability to capture the magic and raw emotion of a live performance or the pulse-pounding excitement of a surround-sound movie soundtrack.

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  • PerformaBe

    The PerformaBe Series was born out of the desire to create a loudspeaker that redefined performance expectations. Using the award-winning Performa3 F208 and M106 as the starting point, Revel's development team re-engineered virtually every component in order to extract the finest details, the highest levels of performance, and the most emotion possible. With an all-new Beryllium tweeter as the basis of the PerformaBe Series, the result is unparalleled detail and accuracy along with a sense of air, spaciousness, and a cohesive soundstage that will certainly define these models as world standards in performance. In short, the Revel PerformaBe Series are serious loudspeakers for people who are serious about impeccable sound.

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  • Performa3

    The Revel Performa3™ Series is a comprehensive collection of loudspeakers and subwoofers that blend superior audio performance and stunning aesthetics.

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  • Concerta2

    The Concerta2 series of loudspeakers combines elegant design and superb finish quality with the award-winning sound for which Revel is revered.

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  • Architectural

    The in-ceiling and in-wall range of loudspeakers combine Revel® best-in-class sound quality with a sleek new look that integrates easily into any décor.

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  • Extreme Climate

    No longer must you sacrifice sound quality in the name of durability and style. The XC Series combines Revel’s award-winning sound and design with durability that survives the toughest elements. Perfect for indoor and outdoor locations and anyplace that is hot, cold, damp, humid, or wet, the XC Series models fit just about anywhere.

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