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World-class engineering and an unmatched design team worked in tandem to create a state-of-the-art music and cinema loudspeaker series that has the ability to capture the magic and raw emotion of a live performance or the pulse-pounding excitement of a surround-sound movie soundtrack. The result of that marriage between engineering prowess and design sophistication is the Ultima2 series. Ultima2 combines a dazzling visual aesthetic while affording unmatched flexibility for any style and configuration of listening space – from the modest den, to the high-flow family area, to the dedicated media room. From any point of view, the Ultima2 series is a feast for the eyes. Each sensuous line and arc the realization of form and function that not only flatters a listening area but elevates the listening experience to new heights. Available in either a shimmering high-gloss mahogany veneer or a high-gloss piano-black finish, Ultima2’s true beauty is much more than skin deep.

Crossover Networks

Each Ultima2 loudspeaker employs separate filter boards for each frequency range. Ultima2 fourth-order crossovers provide greater power handling and dramatically lower and dynamic compression distortion than simpler networks and achieve superb integration, transparency and musicality.

Ultima2 Midrange

Piston-like Behavior

Ultima2 woofer and midrange transducers feature inverted-dome designs with titanium diaphragms that deliver superb piston-like behavior even at maximum sound levels. Oversize voice coils wound with flat copper "ribbon" wire minimize dynamic compression while maximizing sensitivity. Aluminum flux-stabilization rings minimize second- and third-order harmonic distortion, while copper caps reduce inductance modulation. The result is dramatically reduced distortion and unmatched sonic purity even at high listening levels.

Ultima2 Tweeter

Beryllium and Waveguides

Ultima2 tweeters incorporate pure Beryllium domes, which outperform even diamond domes. Together with an ultra-lowdistortion motor system, their performance is simply unmatched. Acoustically optimized Waveguides provide an inaudible transition from the midrange to the tweeter. This seamlessness is essential to the Ultima2 achievement of sounding like music, rather than a loudspeaker.