A truly multi-faceted performer, the Concerta S12 performs brilliantly in any multichannel audio system. With dual woofers and dual tweeters in an angled enclosure, the S12 features three distinct modes of operation, configurable with a convenient front-panel switch.

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A truly multi-faceted performer, the Concerta S12 surround loudspeaker can be configured for different dispersion characteristics according to the type of surround effect desired as well as for different placements within the listening room. Featuring a pair of woofers with Organic Ceramic Composite (OCC) cones, as well as a pair of OCC dome tweeters with neodymium magnets along with our proprietary Constant Acoustic Impedance technology, the S12 offers unparalleled surround sound versatility.
Three dispersion modes are user-selectable via the front panel switch. Choose Dipole mode for side-of-listening area placement, where the two-driver pair sets operate in reverse phase mode, which minimizes localization while providing broad surround sound dispersion – ideal for movie surround soundtracks. Bipole mode provides the best combination of dispersion and improved localization for pinpoint surround sound imaging with SACD, DVD-Audio, DTS® and Dolby Digital® multichannel music surround sources. A third Monopole mode allows the deactivation of one of the two driver sets, when spot-on imaging is desired, such as for discrete multichannel pop music.
For 7.1 systems such as THX Ultra2® Dolby Digital EX® and DTS ES®, the S12 also features dual separated crossovers and two pairs of speaker input terminals. By removing the shorting straps on the binding post pairs, one S12 can function as two distinct surround loudspeakers in a single enclosure. This unique capability allows the use of one S12 to function either as both left and right rear surrounds, or as both a side and rear surround speaker. The Concerta S12 can therefore provide a unique solution for 7.1-channel systems in tight spaces.


Dual 5" deep-anodized cone woofers

Dual 1" anodized Al-dome tweeters

CAI waveguides

Bipole/dipole/monopole operation

High-order crossover

Heavily braced MDF enclosure


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Concerta Series, 2-Way Surround Loudspeaker

High-frequency Driver Components

Dual 1" (2.5 cm) micro-ceramic composite (MCC) cone tweeters

Low-frequency Driver Components

Dual 5" (12.7 cm) micro-ceramic composite (MCC) cone woofers

Frequency Response

In-room response: ±3dB from 72Hz to 20kHz Low-frequency extension: –10dB @ 59Hz Bandwidth: –6dB @ 64Hz and 45kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power

20 – 120 Watts

Crossover Frequencies

2-Way, high-order @ 2.5kHz

Nominal Impedance

8 Ohms


87dB SPL, with 2.83V @ 1m (2 pi anechoic)


Black finish


11.8" (29.9 cm)


13.3" (33.7 cm)


7" (17.8 cm)


Shipping weight: 12.3 lb (5.6 kg)