Revel Performa3 Be Series Auspicious Debut

Revel Peforma3 Be
It may look like the same old Revel Performa3 F208 floorstander and M106 compact but the new “Be” edition is something else entirely. Hot-rodded with a beryllium tweeter, a new diecast waveguide, and a ceramic cone midrange and revamped filter network, these models are meant to close the price performance gap in the Revel line between stock Performa3 and flagship Salon2. Pricing is to be determined but will likely be under $5000 for the compact. Sonically, the Be’s were smoother, more refined, and airier, with more effortless extension on top, and with cabinet localization artifacts kept to a minimum. One of 2017’s major contenders in this price range.

Source: The Absolute Sound