Future Products

Revel Performa3 Be Concept

At the January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Revel previewed future technologies and finish options with the Performa3 Be Concept loudspeakers. Based on Revel’s Performa3 F208 and M106 models, the Performa3 Be concepts include a dual 8-inch, 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker and a 6.5-inch, 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker. The concepts feature Revel’s most advanced Acoustic Lens waveguide geometry, Beryllium and Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) transducer technology, premium crossover network designs, and automotive-grade, high-gloss custom paint finish options.

At the heart of the Be concept lies a newly developed Beryllium dome tweeter – inspired by the flagship Ultima2 Series. This remarkable tweeter is mated to a cast-aluminum, 5th-generation Acoustic Lens waveguide for clear, highly resolved sound with extension to 40kHz, Developed alongside the Beryllium tweeter, the midrange and low-frequency drivers utilize a Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) cone technology that yields a durable ceramic surface to the aluminum cones and serves to move breakup modes up and out of the pass-band. Extensive Klippel transducer analysis and premium crossover network designs ensure optimal system integration and unparalleled acoustic performance.

The concept models showcase the luxury finish options available including high-gloss Black and high-gloss White paints along with high-gloss Walnut wood veneer. Bespoke premium options include a selection of high-gloss automotive-grade painted solid and metallic colors including the Metallic Silver seen on the CES concept floorstanding model.


  • Beryllium dome tweeters inspired by the flagship Ultima2 Series
  • Cast-Aluminum, 5th-generation Acoustic Lens waveguides
  • Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) cone technology
  • Klippel-optimized transducer designs with premium crossover network system integration
  • High-gloss automotive-grade finishes with available premium options
  • Award-winning Performa3 enclosure design with magnetically-attached grilles