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The Revel Ultima Rhythm2 subwoofer is truly the ultimate subwoofer, designed on a cost-no-object basis that establishes a new standard of low frequency reproduction.

Revel engineers created a state of-the-art 18-inch transducer using the most-sophisticated FEA modeling in the design of every component part, from the ultra-low distortion motor system to the spider, surround, voice coil and frame. Advanced Klippel® analysis was used to optimize the massive 4-inch diameter by 1.75-inch long dual voice coils, immersed in a symmetrical magnetic field stabilized to maintain low distortion, even during very long excursion.

Two 1,000 Watt RMS (2,000 Watt peak) amplifiers power the massive dual voice coils to provide ample power for the huge diaphragm area and long-excursion capability. This massive output power assures output greater than 115dB, at low-distortion.

The Rhythm2 offers sophisticated DSP room correction capabilities commensurate with its cutting-edge capabilities. Ultra high-resolution equalization precisely corrects low frequency coloration caused by room modes. Unlike most subwoofer equalization systems, the Rhythm2 subwoofer EQ takes the contribution of the high-pass (main) speaker’s contribution at low frequencies. Without such a capability, subwoofer EQ is of no real value. The Revel Ultima Rhythm2 takes the latest findings from Revel’s research scientists fully into account, providing genuine sonic improvements compared to other subwoofers.

The Rhythm2 offers a full electronic crossover with unequaled flexibility for choosing independent crossover frequency and slope for the subwoofer and the main outputs, and even provides room correction for the main loudspeakers. Since room modes dominate sound quality below around 300 Hz, room correction for the main speakers dramatically improves sound quality. With true delay adjustments provided for the subwoofer, the Rhythm2 can be better integrated with the main loudspeakers than other subwoofers, offering a unique freedom from coloration for the entire combination. 


Description Powered Subwoofer
Maximum Acoustic Output Over 115dB acoustic output
Amplifier Power 2,000WRMS / 4,000W peak power
Drive Components 18-inch cast-frame woofer; 4-inch-diameter voice coil; 1.7-inch Xmax
Features High-resolution DSP room EQ; Fully configurable electronic crossover; High-pass room EQ; PC setup via USB
Height 24.6" (625mm)
Width 27.9" (709mm)
Depth 28.1" (714mm)
Weight 196 lb (89 kg)



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Revel LFO Software and User Guide V1.5 for Mac
Revel LFO Software and User Guide V1.5 for Windows




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